Maldives: A country of Skipjacks and Yellowfins

None are as abundant and game as the thriving Skipjack tuna population of the Laccadive Sea. Bountiful markets of either raw, smoked or dried fish allure crowds of locals along with a lesser number of tourists that happen to be in the city.


A popular proverb among the people of the Maldives claim that the blood of tuna run in their veins. Yes, the Maldives is tuna country and it is a major industry in the Maldives second only to tourism. Over 85,700 tons (77,745,732 kilo grams) of fish were documented to have been landed during the past eleven months. The Maldives practice selective forms of fishing which include pole and line, hand-line, long-line and trolling as sustainable and eco-friendly options.


Yellowfin Tuna is the second major player in fisheries in the Maldives and is fast becoming the preferred catch of fish among many a younger generation of fishermen. These surface dwelling, deliciously beautiful tuna has more demand in the international (export) market with a significantly higher and constant rate than their counterpart.



Game fishing is a preferred sport among the younger generation, and the fishing usually ends with a barbecue either on the boat or upon return. Big game fishing in resorts are one of the most fancied activities among guests catching more Marlins, Mahi-Mahi, Dogtooth Tuna and Jacks rather than the Skipjacks and Yellowfins.

For those who aren’t aware: A group of fish socializing together is known as a shoal of fish. Should the shoal be swimming together in the same direction in synchronicity, it then is referred to as a school of fish. 


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