Soneva Jani | 最热门的马尔代夫新开幕酒店-索尼娃贾尼

Curtains have been raised during the month of October 2016 for the ultra-luxury, chic and newest edition of a Maldives resort by the Soneva Resorts & Residences.

Located on the 150 acre island of Medhufaru in the pristine Noonu Atoll, Soneva Jani boasts a 1.4 km long curvy over-water jetty that gives access to a total of 24 tastefully designed, eco-friendly water villas. The island is surrounded by a 5.6 km crystal clear lagoon abundant in underwater life perfect for a plunge during hot sunny days. Spacious over-water retreats and reserves starting from 411 sqm through to 1245 sqm all offer private pools, retractable roofs through which the starry night skies can be viewed from the comfort of your own bed, and open air bathrooms.


位于 Noonu 环礁里150英亩大的 Medhufaru 岛,拥有1.4公里长的水屋步栈道可以通往24间具有设计感又环保的水上屋,被5.6公里长的泻湖环绕着,有着水晶般清澈透明的海水,最适合在大晴天里跳入印度洋海啸怀抱。超大空间的水屋从411平方公尺起跳到1245平方公尺大,每间都有独立的海水游泳池、可以打开的屋顶让你可以躺在舒适的床上看着美丽的星空还有开放式的大浴室。


Having had the opportunity of visiting the beautiful island of Soneva Jani right after its soft opening last October, we have witnessed a truly awe inspiring, uniquely Soneva resort in the making. What makes it unique? For starters, the water slides. These extremely large water slides that start from the second story of the over-water villas lead directly into the crystal clear lagoon that encompass the island.

Soneva Jani is also home to the first ever over-water silent cinema in the Maldives. The cinema offer open air seating with Bluetooth connected headsets that eliminate noise pollution. The Cinema Paradiso comes with an on-call chef ready to serve up delights to accompany the movie.




An over-water observatory for the inquisitive. A telescope rises up from the deck revealing the stars that orbit our planet earth. The resident astronomer offer astronomy sessions that detail the heavens. Dining at the observatory under that stars are also made possible with dining tables that surround the area.

 “Jani” meaning wisdom in Sanskrit, this unique resort has become the trending topic between Maldives’ lovers and travel enthusiasts alike.


Jani 在梵语中指的是智慧,这个独特的酒店已经变成旅行者间最热门的话题


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