An Affair of Fruits & Vegetables

At the break of dawn, large number of travelers from islands near and afar gather at the Traveler’s Market at Male’ City, Maldives. Known locally throughout the city as the “local market”, the bazaar is the one and only place for the the city dwellers to get hold of local produce.

Boats that travel anywhere from 15 to 72 hours straight, dock at the Traveler’s Market harbor carrying produce from their home islands. Bananas, coconuts, mangoes, rambutans, and different herbs and spices among myriads of other fruits and vegetables are stocked by the time the early birds gather at the market in search of fresh produce for their daily needs. Tourists on city tours often gather around the coconut stalls at the market to get a taste of the local coconuts of the Maldives.


While the sale of home grown at their respective islands do bring in income for farmers, a large number of farmers sell at the Traveler’s Market at Male’ city where attaining a higher profit comes easy. The prices differ anywhere from one dollar to three or four dollars between the island and Male’ city. A coconut in a local island where farmers harvest them by the thousands may cost 60 US cents while the same can be sold in the Male’ city market at 2.00 US Dollars.


The streets that surround the market are one of the most crowded and busiest in the city of Male’ as suppliers, buyers and shippers all go in and out of the food hub of the city throughout the day.


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