What to Pack for a Trip to Sunny Maldives

An Essential Packing Guide to the Maldives

Deservedly more thought goes in  to which resort to book rather than what to pack when traveling to the Maldives. However, overlooking some essentials may compromise the overall holiday experience.

Here are what we believe to be requisites when jetting off to the remote islands of the Maldives.

 1. Cameras (both over and underwater) – The Maldives is picture perfect from the skies, underwater and on land, and no trip to the island nation is complete without snapping a good amount of pictures of yourself in them, and the breathtaking seascapes and landscapes that is the Maldives.


2. A Pair of Sunglasses – The sun can be quite harsh at times during midday, deeming a pair of shades indispensable (especially when going out to the sea for fishing, island hopping, etc.)

3. Swimwear – Be it a leisurely snorkel, sun bathing or just relaxing in your very own plunge pool while sippin’ wine at sun down, a pair of comfortable swim wear is a must to carry to the Maldives.  

4. Cocktail Dress / Outfit – Although t-shirts and shorts are the preferred clothing for a tropical island, dressing up a bit for cocktail parties and/or dinner are common among Maldives’ holiday makers.

5. A Book or two – Apart from the many activities offered at resorts, relaxing by the pool side or lazing about on a hammock after lunch begs for a good book or magazine. Almost all resorts are equipped with libraries, however carrying your personal favorite will come in handy.


6. Sunscreen – SPF 15 or 30 depending on the skin type. As with the sunglasses, a good sunscreen is essential when sun bathing, midday fishing, snorkeling, island hopping or even walking around the island. Although sunscreens are  available at the souvenir shops in resorts, it will cost more than double what you would find at your local store.

7. Water Proof Pouch or Bag – Splash proof bags have been found to be quite useful with the need to carry smart phones, room keys, wallets, etc. for the modern traveler when heading out to the beach, sailing, or fishing.

8. Insect Repellent – Almost all of the resorts’ rooms will be clean, air conditioned and bugs and insect free. However, being that the resorts are on tropical islands people often encounter insects and bugs such as geckos, lizards, mosquitoes and flies. The geckos and lizards are of course harmless, however taking added precautions by bringing along some repellents might prove wise.

9. Adapters & Voltage Converters – Unless you are from the UK, Singapore or Malaysia, adapters will be required as you will only find Type G plugs and sockets throughout the Maldives. Furthermore, the Maldives’ electricity voltage is at 240v meaning any 110v devices if plugged in to a 240v socket, the power drawn quadruples, blowing out the heaters, the lights and motors of the device after a brief moment of hyper operation. Voltage converters the size of phone chargers are available and is a must carry when traveling to the Maldives.

10. The Obvious – Hotel voucher, passport (with a validity of 6 months or more), credit cards, and cash for minor additional purchases at the airport or in Male’ city.


Additional Notes: 

  • Flip Flops, Sun Hats, Bath Robes, Life Vests and all standard hotel amenities are made available in-room at no additional cost for guest convenience.
  • Snorkeling equipment are available free of charge (at most resorts) should one wish to snorkel the nearby reef on their own.
  • The Maldivian seaplanes allow a maximum of 25 kg per person. Any additional weight will be charged US Dollars 5.00 per kg. Depending on your preferred resort, this additional fee will be absorbed by the hosts.
  • Velana International Airport offer luggage storage services charged US Dollars 5.00 per 24 hours, should you wish to leave any luggage at the airport.

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