5 (More) Reasons to Visit The Maldives in 2017

Having compiled a list of 5 reasons that could very well convince you to visit the Maldives this year, we couldn’t help but list 5 more reasons that are as compelling as the first 5 reasons to bump the Maldives to the top of your bucket list this year. The Maldives is home to over 1200 islands, out of which over a hundred islands are private island resorts

Read 5 Reasons to Visit The Maldives in 2017

1. Weddings – From picture perfect beach settings to jaw-dropping underwater settings, wedding ceremonies in Maldives’ resorts offer truly unique, unforgettable experiences for a that truly special day.


Beach Wedding

2. Surfing – Starting from end of February until end of October, surf’s up in the Maldives. If luxury isn’t your thing, a variety of budget options throughout the surfing atolls are available on the cheap. A mix of right and left breaks including the famous Cokes, Jailbreak, and Sultans are frequented by world class surfers from across the globe. Most sought after surf breaks are located in Kaafu Atoll (Male’ Atoll), Laamu Atoll, Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll and Seenu Atoll.



3. One Island – One Resort Concept – Unlike any other, the Maldives is home to resorts that take up an entire island. Due to the size of the islands, each resort is located on its own little patch of land in the middle of the ocean. The villas, bungalows and pavilions are normally scattered across the island, offering total seclusion and privacy for its dwellers. Restaurants, water sports centers, bars, libraries, etc. are similarly located randomly throughout the islands.



4. Cuisines – Maldives is a country that is comprised of 99 per cent ocean and therefore the cuisines revolve almost entirely around sea food. From tuna to cuttlefish, squid, mussels and lobsters to sprats, red snappers and trevally, all food be it snacks, main courses or soups, the flavors of the ocean are in abundance. Apart from the Maldivian cuisines, international flavors such as Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Sri Lankan, European, Chinese and Japanese restaurants that rival Michelin star restaurants can be found in both resorts and Male’ city alike.


Seafood Pizza and Pina Coladas 

5. Seaplane – The seaplanes are low flying hydro planes that land and take off from the sea. Transporting guests from Velana International Airport to almost all parts of the Maldives. The seaplanes carry a maximum of 15 passengers at a time and offer breathtaking views of the Maldives from the skies.


View from a Seaplane



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