5 (Additional) Reasons to Visit The Maldives in 2017

In addition to the 10 other reasons listed before, here we present 5 additional reasons that could very well make the Maldives your next holiday destination. The Maldives’ resorts are one of a kind in which each resort takes up an entire island resulting in total seclusion, privacy and ultimate barefoot luxury.

<<< 5 Reasons to Visit The Maldives in 2017

<< 5 (More) Reasons to Visit The Maldives in 2017 

1. Honeymoon – Among the most sought after honeymoon destinations in the world, the Maldives offer something few other destinations can offer, which is the total seclusion and privacy in a romantic setting right smack in the middle of nowhere. From romantic beach dinners, to sunset cruises, and champagne breakfasts, the Maldives’ number one source of tourists are those that seek a romantic honeymoon getaway.


Maldives – A Romantic Getaway

2. The Maldivian Culture – A unique culture consisting of a mix of traditions and beliefs of ancient travelers from Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Persia come together in the Maldives. From the traditional local drumming and dances (with African influences), to the Indian, Sri Lankan and Middle Eastern influenced cuisines, to the uniquely Maldivian boat building and lacquered wood work, the culture and traditions of the Maldivians can be experienced either by visiting the capital city of Male’ or any of the neighboring local islands scattered throughout the atolls.


Maldives – A Fisherman’s Paradise

3. Free Visa – Believe it or not, the Maldives offer a free, on-arrival 30 day free tourist visa for all nationalities. Plan a trip, book a hotel and hop on the next flight bound to the tiny island nation to find paradise on Earth. Make sure to carry hotel vouchers, or place of stay during your stay for immigration purposes.


Maldivian – Source

4. Romantic Beach Dinners – Foot-in-the-sand, candle-lit dinner for two by the beach can result in the most romantic experience of a couples’ life time. Starry skies, gentle waves crashing a mere 25 feet away from the table, and the world class cuisines prepared to ones own liking are what makes a honeymoon special.


Romantic Beach Dinner for Two

5. Spa Experiences – Almost each and every resort island in the Maldives house its own spa. From over-water spas to beach spas, jungle spas, and even underwater spas, the Maldives is a place where couples, families and individuals can come to relax, and unwind like never before.


Underwater Spa at the Maldives


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