COMO Cocoa Island

Kaafu Atoll | 50 minutes by Speed Boat | 5 star | Largest Hydrotherapy Pool in the Maldives | Wellness Resort |

| All over-water accommodation | Lovely beaches  | World renowned spa brand |


Located south of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, COMO Cocoa Island offers 24-hour speed boat made available due to close proximity. Under the highly unlikely circumstance of having to wait longer than 20 minutes to catch the speed boat, the COMO lounge at the airport makes it worthwhile. The lounge is equipped with shower facilities, satellite television, and offer snacks and drinks, newspapers and Wi-Fi. However the wait usually do not surpass the 20 minute mark before taking to the beautiful seas of the Maldives on a scenic ride to the gorgeous little island known as COMO Cocoa Island.


Warm greetings, welcome drinks and a turquoise lagoon teeming with colorful fish await you at Cocoa Island. A rather short and walk away are all the facilities and services available at the island. From the chic and modest reception area to the large hydrotherapy pool, marine sports center and the spa. The western side of the island houses the swimming pool and the resorts bar and restaurant which both offer stunning views of the endless Indian Ocean.


Gorgeous over-water accommodation all located on the southern part of the crystal clear lagoon that encompass the island offer breathtaking views, direct access to the lagoon and the chic design with the most modern amenities and facilities. The Dhoni Suites and Dhoni Loft Suites are all designed in the shape of a traditional Maldivian fishing boat known as a Dhoni. The island is home to one of the best powder white, soft sandy beaches of the Maldives.

Accommodation options include: Dhoni Suite, Dhoni Loft Suite, Loft Villas, One Bedroom Villas and two COMO Villas.


* The Dhoni Loft Suite comes with a loft bedroom separating the living area and the bedroom offering more space and also privacy perhaps for those traveling with children. Elegant all white design with simply the most stunning views one could ever dream of. Direct access to the lagoon was an absolute to die for as the lagoon is clear as glass, extremely clean with powder soft sand underneath teeming with life.


Due to the limited size of the island and nature of the fragile environment, COMO Cocoa Island offer only a handful of water activities. Suitable for those seeking quiet, mesmerizing escapes in to nature, activities at the resort include: Sunset Fishing, Sunset Cruise, Snorkeling Excursions, and Catamaran Sailing. The island is located within close proximity to a number of famous snorkeling and dive sites which include the Kandooma Caves which are a series of underwater caves teeming with wildlife. Moreover, the South Ari atoll is just a short boat ride away and is famous for the numerous Whale Sharks that frequent the Maldive waters.


Dining at COMO Cocoa Island is an experience. The bounteous fresh seafood dishes with a touch of Indian and Mediterranean flavors go hand in hand with the number of settings on offer.

• UFAA – The island’s main restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with the locally sourced fresh ingredients. A lavish breakfast buffet and lunches that serve a wide variety pastas, rice dishes, seafood and desserts make dining at COMO Cocoa Island one of the main highlights.

• FARU BAR – Sits directly facing the gorgeous beach that encircle the island. This intimate bar offer the best of cocktails, snacks, wine and perfect sunset moments.

• PRIVATE DINING – Private dining at romantic locations throughout the island offer something special for those special nights.


The stunning over-water accommodation along with the picture perfect view that come with it accompanied by the lovely beach that encircle the island, COMO Cocoa Island is one of a kind and is an absolute must consider if planning on holidaying in the Maldives.

If you would like to know more about our time at COMO Cocoa Island, please leave a comment below.

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