The Maldives [mawl-deevz, mal-dahyvz] also know as The Maldive Islands is the scattered jade-like archipelago located South-West of Sri Lanka and India. The peninsula is home to a little over 1190 low lying islands confined by a set of 26 ring shaped atolls. The powder white sandy beached islets lay barely 4 feet above the sea level, encompassed by the turquoise blue lagoons scattered across the Indian Ocean. The most widely used mode of transportation within the country for locals and tourists alike include traditional Maldivian boats (Dhoni) for short distances and speed boats for long distances. Travel from one atoll to a another usually requires either a seaplane or a domestic flight.


• Capital city: Male’

• Population: 373,129

• Ethnicity: Maldivian

• Language: Dhivehi (from Insular Indo-Aryan)

• Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa (1 USD = 15.42 MVR)

• Religion: Islam

• Government: Democratic Republic

• Time zone: UTC+5

• Drives: On the Left

• Dialing code: +960

• Weekends: Friday and Saturday

“The Maldives archipelago is located atop the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge, a vast submarine mountain range in the Indian Ocean, which also forms a terrestrial eco-region, together with the Chagos and the Lakshadweep. With an average ground-level elevation of 1.5 meters (4 ft 11 in) above sea level, it is the world’s lowest country, with even its highest natural point being the lowest in the world, at 2.4 meters (7 ft 10 in). Due to the subsequent risks posed by rising sea-levels, the government has pledged to make the Maldives a carbon-neutral country by 2019”  – Wikipedia